Jake, 17, England!

not been on here for a while, a lot has happened in the time i havent been on (i turned 18 is one of the main ones) but hey ill be back on soon properly i just really cant right now :/ 

and also if i have a message from you sorry i will reply, just cant at the moment

my ipod is dying of old age :( ive had it for so long now and its ‘touch’ is messing up and its slow and laggy and im skint and cant afford a new one:(

Anonymous asked: How did your exam go? What was it?

hi!! errm well I had film and religion, the film exam was 3 hours long so my ass killed js! but theres 3 sections and the first section i did good but the other two i messed up quite badly (Documentary and Vertigo) the questions were very difficult to get around (film questions always are they do it on purpose) it just wasn’t as organised or ‘coherent’ as my first section which pissed me off because I like documentary, and we watched Bowling for Columbine :( 

then religion was okay, I pretty much just had to remember two 1000 word essays word for word so yeah hahah, it was alrighttt!

im definitely not going to get my ABB I need for university thou, which has annoyed me a lot too but its just not sunk in right now i guess :/


The human brain is an amazing organ. It functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking an exam